The following pages provide support in the form of user forums, documentation, and software problem and issue reporting and tracking. If you have a question or problem you can take the following steps:

  • • If you have a support/maintenance contract with us, please feel free to contact us at any time via the channels provided in your support contract. For more information visit our Services page. Otherwise:
  • • Consult the documentation or the wiki pages
  • • If you can't find your answer there (or don't have the time and patience), search the forum and post your question there.
  • • If necessary and no solution is readily available, add an issue to the mantis system.
  • • If nothing else works out you can send us an email via the Contacts form.

These sites require user registration and may be restricted to users of our products so please use the Contacts form if you wish to have access.

  • Documentation


    The software generated documentation provides information on the software API and Module configuration interface.

  • Wiki

    Wiki pages

    The wikipedia style pages provide some of the latest documents and tips on using our products.

  • Fora


    The fora provides a place where users of our products can discuss issues and obtain help.

  • MantisBT

    Software Problem and Issue Tracking

    The software problem and issue tracking systems allows users to submit reports about problems and issues they may have with our products and track the progress of their resolution.

    It can also be used to suggest or request new features and to track the development progress.