We provide a number of software engineering related services in particular to support you when using our Products but also for any software engineering tasks for which we have expertise. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain a latest quote.

  • Online Support

    Online Support

    Provide support for minor questions, issues, bugs, and help in using our software products.

    Support includes:

    • • E-mail, scheduled online interactive sessions (e.g. chat, shared desktop), and telephone communication.
    • • Response within 24 hours.
    • • Access to online resources: bug reporting, fora, documentation.
    • • Patch releases of critical bugs reported.

  • On-site Support

    On-site Support

    Support at client site for any of our products.

  • Training

    On-site Training

    Training can be provided for a number of topics related to Saccades/OpenIGS or software development in general.

    Topics include:

    • • Saccades/OpenIGS.
    • • OpenSceneGraph.
    • • Qt.
    • • C++.

    Training is done at the client site with client-supplied computers.

  • Software Development

    Bespoke Software Development

    Custom software development related to Saccades/OpenIGS or other C++ related projects is available on either an variable (time and materials) or a fixed cost basis.