Saccades is the commercial version of OpenIGS developed by Cesium Solutions to provide additional functional modules and support to the standard OpenIGS functionality. For organizations outside of the European Space Agency member states, this is the opportunity to obtain the functionality of OpenIGS plus more. For members inside the ESA member states who need enhanced and additional functionality and professional services and support, Cesium Solutions will also be more than happy to support you.

Target Market

Saccades is intended for people who want to use the same standard infrastructure as OpenIGS but who need additional functionality or support. OpenIGS provides the infrastructure and some standard modules for developing basic visual simulation applications. However, Cesium has developed and is always in the process of developing enhancements to the standard OpenIGS Modules as well as new Modules. In addition, while OpenIGS is open source to members of the ESA community, support is limited to the available documentation and the user forums. The support services available from Cesium provide higher priority response and even custom development.

While OpenIGS is intended as an opensource project, it does not preclude the development of proprietary Modules. Saccades offers a simple and common central licensing mechanism to manage proprietary modules.


Saccades comes bundled with the standard OpenIGS package plus the option to license the following Module Packages:

For organizations outside of the ESA member states, Saccades is distributed as a precompiled binary package. An optional development package allows users to develop their own Modules and plug them in to the OpenIGS/Saccades framework.


Cesium Solutions is constantly in the process of updating and adding new Module Packages. The following is some of the functionality to be expected in upcoming releases:

  • • Simulation/Communication/Scripting interfaces:
  • • OpenSceneGraph extended/enhanced functionality:
    •  • Composite/Object-oriented shaders
    •  • High resolution lighting and shadowing
    •  • Camera effects
  • • New Module Packages:
    •  • Vega emulation package


Cesium Solutions offers a number of different options for licensing Saccades. These are described as follows:

  • Demonstration/Evalution:

    The Demonstration mode allows you to run the software freely without a license key on any compatible machine but is limited in functionality and duration. If you wish we can also issue an Evaluation license which allows you to try the fully featured software but for a limited amount of time. In this case, a license key must be generated.

  • Node Locked:

    This license grants unlimited use of the software on a single computer. A license key is needed and will be provided for the specific machine you intend to run the software on. No license server is necessary.

  • Site Limited:

    This license grants a limited simultaneous use of the software on the machines within a network. Each machine may run the software unlimited but must first obtain a license token from a license server. Licenses are sold per machine and a license server for the network must also be purchased.

  • Site Unlimited:

    This license grants unlimited simultaneous use of the software on all machines within a network. Each machine may run the software unlimited but must first obtain a license toekn from a license server. Only a single license server is necessary per network.

Should none of these options suit your needs then please contact Cesium Solutions in order to dicuss a configuration that will fit your needs.

Before obtaining the software, a Standard License Agreement form must be completed and returned to Cesium Solutions (even if running the Demo and Evaluation versions) and you must agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions. Once you have filled out these forms they may be returned to Cesium Solutions license administration


The following releases are available for download. To access the download area please review the section on Licensing and return a completed license form to

  • TLE Graphics

    Visualization of Celestrak TLE orbital elements.


    TLE orbital elements browser user interface.

  • DI-Guy

    Standard viewer loaded with the example DI-Guy scene.