• Saccades


    Saccades is the commercial version of OpenIGS (see below) developed by Cesium Solutions to provide additional functional modules and support to the standard OpenIGS functionality.

  • OpenIGS


    OpenIGS is a visual simulation framework for integrating various heterogeneous components such as visualisation and simulation systems into a single unified environment. OpenIGS was developed for the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in cooperation with DutchSpace.

  • EcoDrive


    EcoDrive provides training and feedback to driving students in order to learn how to drive more efficiently. Cesium Solutions developed EcoDrive in cooperation with Mirage3D and sales is currently being handled by SimXtra.

  • Time machine

    Time Machine/Tijdmachine

    The Time Machine provides an immersive experience integrating a 3D stereo film, stereo audio and motion in a retro-futuristic time machine at the Rotterdam Planetarium. Cesium Solutions developed the software for the control systems, the audio/visual playback, and the scenario editing user interface.